Holiday Cycling Grades

A cycling holiday is about fun, not endurance and we want to ensure you enjoy your holiday, whatever your fitness level. The tours are graded to help you choose the right tour for you. However, the grading must only be taken as a guide and the detailed tour information must still be carefully read. Electric bikes are suitable for all grades.

Grade 1 - Comfortable

Suitable for leisure cyclists who cycle about 30 miles a week. The pace is slower, and the terrain is mostly flat there may be a few small hills, daily distances are usually between 30-36 miles.

Grade 2 - Moderate

Suitable for regular cyclist who cycles around 50-60 miles a week. The terrain is undulating and there will be some long climbs, so low gears will be needed, but regular cyclists should not find this a problem, daily distances are usually between 30-45 miles depending on the terrain.

Grade 3 - Enthusiast

Suitable for the enthusiast who rides many miles in a week, the terrain is hilly, and the days are longer between 40-55 miles (we generally have no holidays in this category).