Dutch islands of the North and Friesland

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Feel the freedom, the wind and salt on your skin! aboard the comfortable Wapen fan Fryslân sailing ships, you will experience pure nature while enjoying water, sun and a stiff breeze on the big inland lake IJsselmeer also called the “Wadden Sea”, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage biosphere reserve.

During this Sail & Cycle tour we will visit two of the beautiful islands of North Holland. It is a world with two faces, where sand and water dominate during the changeover from low to high tide and where islands of all sizes line up like pearls on a chain. There are tidal channels, seagrass meadows, mussel beds, sandbanks, mudflats, salt marshes, beaches, and dunes. The Frisian Sea is the habitat of marine mammals, such as seals and porpoises, and the breeding ground and wintering area for millions of birds. The area is one of the last remaining large-scale, low-tide ecosystems where natural processes continue to function.

Highlights of the tour are the North Sea islands of Texel and Terschelling and their beautiful natural areas, small villages, and long sandy beaches that you can explore by bicycle. Highlights on the coasts of the mainland in the provinces of North-Holland and Friesland are a combination of rural areas, small villages, and picturesque harbour towns: a true “El Dorado” for cyclists.

Tandems Electric bikes welcome, easy terrain.